How perfectionism kills your productivity

I know a lot of people who are proud Perfectionists, I know this because I am one of them. I highly recommend going through these classic telltale signs of perfectionism, incase you’re wondering why you’ve never got your business idea to work or why you’ve never wrote that blog you’ve always talked about.

You may ask, isn’t trying to do things correctly a good thing? Yes to some degree. No, if takes a huge toll on you to an extent that it prevents you from doing very same thing.

Perfectionism is huge barrier to Productivity because it stalls you at every step. It leads to procrastination, eating disorders, event prevents you from staying rational. It is a mild form of OCD. In fact I’d call OCD an unhealthy expression of Perfectionism.

Many people believe Perfectionism is necessary to improve. That’s not true. We learn by making mistakes and from those learnings we improve. Learning is a continuous process whereas Perfectionism is totalitarian.

I never realized when perfectionism crept in and took over. These days, I consider myself to be a recovering perfectionist. I believe like all things in life knowing or unknowingly you learned to be a perfectionist. So you could learn to not be a perfectionist. Life is not perfect, nor is it meant to be. Trying to make it perfect will only make your life a constant struggle. Funny enough, this is my first story on medium, It’s OK if this story is not perfect. But the next one might be better, if not perfect :)

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